Bad: the worst gaming gadget in the history of protest in 30 years

In 2020, the market offers gamers a bunch of different move controllers. However, for more than 30 years ago videography industry received the first such controller is the Power Glove. And it was bad.

The authors CNET decided to check what he is in now. Leading played with the Power Glove in a few classic games – the device showed itself, with varying success, but usually – awful.

The gamer managed to defeat the first opponent in Punch Out, but to strike through the air didn’t have: it was enough just to wiggle your toes. But with the legendary Super Mario Bros. deal did not work: the authors were unable to overcome even the first hurdle, not to mention a whole level. In General, after 30 years, the device shows all as bad as at release.

Testing Power Glove in 30 years:

The History Of The Power Glove

The controller was released in 1989. Thanks to the film “the Wizard”, the main characters which took part in the video game championship, glove briefly became popular and sold well.

However, buyers have been unpleasantly surprised. It is the ease with which using the Power Glove ruled game one of the characters in the movie, was simply false advertising, and Nintendo paid the filmmakers a lot of money for product placement. In fact, the glove is extremely inaccurate reacted to user gestures.

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