Bakanov combines the two posts, which is not indicated in the Declaration – “Plans”

Баканов совмещает две должности, о чем не указал в декларации - "Схемы"

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov didn’t declare the Spanish firm Nueva Tierra Verde Sociedad Limitada in which he still holds a senior position ( “administrador?nico”), contrary to the Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation, reads the story of the program “Schemes: corruption in detail”.

“Ivan Bakanov not indicated in the Declaration, that was and still is the head of the Spanish company. This is a violation, because such information, he is obliged to fill in the 15th Chapter of the Declaration, as evidenced in clause 11 of part 1 of article 46 of the Law of Ukraine “On corruption prevention”. The breach is, among others, the basis for the national Agency for the prevention of corruption began checking the Declaration, however, under the new rules and so be sure to check first. Separately NACP should check Bakanova on unification of the two posts at the same time.

In their Declaration on assets and income for 2019 Ivan Bakanov declared two cars – Volkswagen Passat 2010 Volkswagen Touareg i 2012 release, was his wife. Also in the Declaration – the number of real estate objects and land plots, in particular, two apartments in Kiev (one of which was on him, the other for the wife), the share of another apartment in Krivoy Rog and four plots in Khodosivka in the Kiev region ( one of them was the wife, and the others in the Bakanova). In addition, the Declaration mentioned the unfinished building in Khodosivka, was Ivan Bakanova.

Also the Declaration States that Ivan Bakanov has nearly $ 170,000 cash – and it has almost no savings in Bank accounts (1 hryvnia, 434 dollar and Euro 233 he and 129 UAH per wife).

In addition, Ivan Bakanov indicated in its Declaration more than 536 000 UAH of income in the form of wages of the head of the security Service. Even more 107000 UAH is listed as salary, received from “Studio Kvartal 95”. In addition, he declared that 240 000 UAH of income of wife from business activities and about 27 000 hryvnias of a salary at the place of work in the Kiev College of communication.

Ivan Bakanov said that his wife has Ukrainian citizenship. Last year, he noted that his wife is a Russian citizen, but lives and works since 1998 in Ukraine and prepares Ukrainian citizenship.