Bakanov told why the SBU will not catch the prankster, the Joker

Баканов рассказал, почему СБУ не будет ловить пранкера Джокера

Pranker, the Joker never did anything to attract the attention of the SBU. By the way, is he under an assumed name was in correspondence with three members of the “public Servants” and released the controversial correspondence in the network.

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov in an interview with “Commander in chief” called false information that he allegedly gave instructions to track down the prankster, the Joker.

I such instructions were not given. The more important question is to those people who texted and not the pranker. Today, the Joker never did anything that could attract the attention of security. While none of the deputies with a request concerning it is not addressed,

– said Bakanov.

He recalled that the facts that have surfaced of the controversial conversations of MPs, not yet get to continue the investigationsbecause “the deputies have the status of untouchables and representatives of the security service have no right to work on him.” However, on 1 January 2020, the parliamentarians will lose this status and then the security Service will be able to take over MPs.

Also Bakanov added that the Verkhovna Rada, people’s deputies have to work and not to sit in the phones. Therefore, he advises the MPs to stop any correspondence in Parliament, because they can easily see and photograph journalists from the press box.

I don’t understand why they’re texting with someone, especially in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada. I would suggest to go to the gym, in principle, no phones. It would be less distracted from work. Agree, you would not tolerate in his edition of the worker, that whole day in the phone? So why deputies can?,

– added Glova SBU.

Who and what you already copied the Joker?

  • First, the sight of Joker, hit the “servant of the people” Michael radutsky – 17 Sep. In the correspondence the wag discusses the subject of payments to members of the “envelope” and claims that the deputies of the “public Servants” are already getting money in this way.
  • Subsequently, the Joker was rewritten under the guise of public Prosecutor Ruslana’s Ryaboshapko with another “servant of the people” Bohdan Yaremenko relatively intimate correspondence of the latter. Prancer advised Yaremenko to apologize to the faction and the President for the incident.
  • On behalf of Ryaboshapka Prancer and communicated with the “servant” Nikolay Tishchenko. The MP poured the Joker their experiences on the situation in the faction and complained about his fellow party member, ex-Director of 1+1 media Alexander Tkachenko.
  • Latter under the sight were Volodymyr viatrovych, who soon becomes the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity”. Him Joker wrote “threats” on behalf of the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Maxim Bogunskogo.

Баканов рассказал, почему СБУ не будет ловить пранкера Джокера