Bakanova have found a company in Spain: the head of the SBU put before a choice

У Баканова нашли фирму в Испании: главу СБУ поставили перед выбором

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov takes a leadership position in the Spanish company.

About this informed the journalist of the program “Schemes: corruption in detail,” Natalia Sedletskaya. She said that it’s expressly forbidden in the anti-corruption law and now the head of intelligence service it was to conceal this fact or to make a Declaration of breach (to see the video, progralti the news until the end).

According to the journalist, we are talking about company Nueva Tierra Verde Sociedad Limitada, which is registered in the province of Girona. Bakanov in 2015 and still there is the position of the sole leader. The owner of the company through a Cyprus company is Andrey Yakovlev, the author of “Kvartal 95”.

People explained that the position Bakanova the company provides that he makes all the decisions, and it lies all the rights and obligations regarding its activities.

“Firm specializiruetsya in real estate. Does it have any activity, what kind of open registers is impossible to know – the company does not submit annual reports,” she said.

People added that because of the failure to report the company got into the list of violators of the tax inspection in Spain: in the fall of 2019 it has temporarily withdrawn tax identification number. Such sanctions are used to block the activity of the firm to eliminate the violations. Also for this there is a penalty.

The journalist cites the law “On preventing corruption”, which explicitly prohibits civil servants to join the Board other Executive or Supervisory bodies, the Supervisory boards of companies or organizations that make money.

She said that the decision should confirm the National Agency for prevention of corruption, to draw up the administrative Protocol and submit it to the court.

“What should you do Ivan Bakanov? To declare illegal combination or to hide this fact in the Declaration? Dilemma,” added the People.

President Vladimir Zelensky said that he would discuss the document with the head of intelligence Ivan Baranovym.

У Баканова нашли фирму в Испании: главу СБУ поставили перед выбором

У Баканова нашли фирму в Испании: главу СБУ поставили перед выбором