Ban TikTok: whether the application is dangerous for users

Запрет TikTok: действительно ли приложение опасно для пользователей

Запрет TikTok: действительно ли приложение опасно для пользователей

In the USA declared that can prevent Chinese social media, in particular, and TikTok. On the eve of the government of India blocked this app for all users. The reason – the threat to national security, because the program allegedly stealing personal information. Expert on digital security Nicholas Costigan believes that the security of individual user in Ukraine TikTok is not a threat.

The reason for the ban of Chinese programs is a geopolitical issue. And this is the main characteristic of the apps and social networking sites that is now important. That is, States that TikTok, WeChat – China, Facebook – us, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki – Russian. About Nicholas Costigan told in the morning show on channel 24.

He noted that China until recently was not an unfriendly country for the United States, but now everything has changed. And some even speak of a new cold war between the US and China.

Expert on digital security added that any of these applications or social networks collect a lot of data about users. And what kind of security problems different researchers also periodically find almost everywhere.

The question of geopolitics, national identity is really important. Because it appears that Russian authorities and security forces have access to the data processed and collected Russian social networks. American – American, Chinese – Chinese,
– he explained.

According to him, in publications about the dangers of TikTok are talking about a national threat, not personal to the user. Almost all other applications, too, collect data, and users agree to this when they are installed.

As TikTok can be a threat to national security

Nicholas Costigan explained what could potentially happen if the us military for a working device will establish a Chinese program that would collect certain data.

If we are talking about the employee who has access to sensitive corporate data in some huge American Corporation.

“But if for ordinary users, especially from Ukraine, I don’t see any problems to the security of a specific user. That is, I see no reason to stop using TikTok,” said he.

Also an expert on digital security explained that users provide access to their data during the installation, then it’s not theft.

When I put in the app store for some app, I can view all the permissions that it needs to get. It’s not that he stole something, we gave ourselves permission
– said Mykola Kostadin.

And noted that in the latest versions of Android possible for a specific application after installing to turn off some of the accesses. For example, camera, microphone.

“In General, if we believe developers TikTok and the Chinese secret service by our opponents, then you should not use this application and generally put itself on the smartphone,” commented an expert on digital security.

What is known about the ban TikTok in different countries

  • India has blocked Chinese mobile 59 applications for its citizens. In the first place in the list of blocks – a video TikTok. Such a ruling released by the Ministry of information technology of the country because it is detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India as well as threatening state security and public order.
  • Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the US is considering a ban TikTok and other Chinese programs. This statement came against the backdrop of strained relations between the US and China.

Expert on digital security, told threat whether TikTok: video

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