Bank robber in Texas disappeared on the electric skateboard. Found it through Uber

Грабитель банка в Техасе скрылся на электросамокате. Его нашли через Uber

Usually, as the militants, Bank robbers choose a powerful and fast cars. 19-year-old Luke Mangiano decided to go his own way – he drove off with stolen cash on electric scooter Jump. But did not consider one nuance.

The guy rented transport through Uber, came to the Bank in Austin (Texas), and gave the office staff a note: “This is a robbery. Please, put hundreds and fifties in the envelope, and all will be well.” He had a weapon or not is unknown, but the cashier was frightened and complied with the requirement. Luke then quietly went on the scooter that was noticed by the witnesses.

The robber began to search for the police, and the best clue was an electric skateboard. The investigators looked at the surveillance camera and found out that the model of transport – Jump and can be rented via Uber.

It turned out that the guy actually took an electric skateboard at Uber, and when registering to enter their real information: name, address, information about credit card payment Jump. The police quickly got on the robber, he is now charged.