BankID: what is, how operates and what good is he

BankID: что это, как действует и какая от него польза

Technology BankID gives you the opportunity to receive services in the Internet without the need to personally submit the documents proving the identity. Now it is the administrative and banking services. BankID verifies (confirms) the face of the user remotely. You can then order the documents, conduct banking transactions, obtain the necessary information online. How to do it and where, whether it is safe.

To request information, to learn or to contribute data to the registry to other services – you need to be a customer of the Bank that are connected to the BankID system, and to the portal where you want to get the service were also connected to it.

The BankID service is free for citizens and public authorities. For commercial structures is paid.

What are the BankID system in Ukraine

Their is two:

NBU on the basis of “Oshchadbank” ;
on the basis of “PrivatBank”.

To the “Oshchadbank” connected himself “Oschadbank” and “Radabank”. And a number – tested and ready to connect.

Also BankID from the Bank support:

– The Ministry of justice of Ukraine;
– Unified state portal of administrative services;
Portal of public services;
– Electronic petition to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
– A unified system of urban poultry;
– Online system of “Public budget”;
– The state Agency for e-governance of Ukraine;
– Public project “the budget of the city initiatives”;
– Gosgeokadastr Of Ukraine;
Platform for social initiatives “My Voice”;
– Lviv city Council;
– The portal of electronic services of the city of Kharkov;
– The portal of electronic services of Kiev.

BankID: что это, как действует и какая от него польза

What portals support BankID of the NBU

In “PrivatBank” connected: “PrivatBank”, “a Bank”, “Pivdenny Bank”, “Concord Bank”.

Also in “PrivatBank” connected:
– hosting and Internet service providers: “Hosting “Ukraine”;
– business online: FreelanceHunt, “Besplatka” and;
– services online credit: UltraCash, “global Credit”, “Positano”, CreditUP, СreditPlus, KF.UA.

The system of “PrivatBank” also allows you to write using an Android smartphone. Need: ID card, smartphone with NFC-chip. But if you have an electronic digital signature (EDS), the chip is not required.

BankID: что это, как действует и какая от него польза

BankID simple and safe method of verification.

How is identification using BankID

No different from checking the documents in the banks in the off-line: the banks record and store client data when opening an account: full name, scanned copy of passport and tax ID, address of registration, and the like. And the state (represented by the NBU) to approve standards for the registration and storage of customer data is monitored. While access to customer data are as reliableas the access to money (through Internet banking).

Data that can be transferred:

• surname, name, patronymic and gender
• date of birth;
• identification number;
• the address of registration;
• telephone number;
• e-mail address;
• scanned copies of passport and identification code.

How to use BankID:

– Choose the right site the “Log in using BankID”. (Or else – on the website of the NBU
– Choose your Bank.
– Confirm consent to share information enter the login and password for your online banking.
– Enter the SMS password (or other authentication method can be different).
– The Bank will provide the state website required information.

Add BankID – not Ukrainian new. Such systems have already been implemented in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. In addition to BankID verified through EDS. But individuals still prefer to do it via a Bank card.

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