Banks will be obliged to return the money taken from card fraud

Банки обяжут возвращать деньги, снятые с карт мошенниками

The national Bank plans to establish additional requirements with respect to appeal by the client of the transfers that they were not carried out.

In particular, the Bank after receiving the notification from the user needs to restore the balance in his account to the state in which it was before the implementation of the transfer no later than the next working day.

However, this only applies to cases where the Bank has no reason to believe the user’s actions illegal.

“The user shall bear the losses associated with transfers that are appealed, if the Bank proved that the acts or omissions of the user led to the loss, illegal use of pins or other information that allows you to initiate payment transactions”, – stated in the message.

“The Bank has the right to return funds in the amount of 20 non-taxable minimum (about 350 UAH – EP.), if the transfer was effected lost/stolen or misused card, if the user reported the loss only after such a transfer” – the press-service.


In 2018, the Ukrainians increasingly prefer cashless transactions.

The share of cashless transactions using payment cards issued by Ukrainian banks, at the end of 2018 reached 45.1 per cent. This is 5.8 percentage points compared with the results of 2017 (39.3 per cent).

Банки обяжут возвращать деньги, снятые с карт мошенниками