Barbara Brylska is struggling with cancer

Барбара Брыльска борется с онкологией

78-year-old star of “twist of fate” told about his terrible diagnosis.

General health in recent years, brings the actress. She told me that suffer from sciatica. Due to the illness of the artist even needed the assistance of a nurse. However, this problem Barbara Brylska does not end there. For several years, as it turned out, she is struggling with tongue cancer. To comment about this actress, however, did not, but asked fans to wish her good health.

Barbara Brylska is asking fans to wish her good health want to add that famous among domestic audiences by creating the famous painting Ryazanov artist currently lives in the country near Warsaw. In recognition Brylski that hit the whole world, the epidemic of the coronavirus has affected her – she tries not to leave the house. Sometimes actress visit son and grandchildren.

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