Barcelona defeated Lyon in the match of 1/8 Champions League: live

"Барселона" разгромила "Лион" в матче 1/8 Лиги чемпионов: видео

The first match between Barcelona and Lyon in France ended in a draw 0:0. So both teams should score. In the first half, it managed Barcelona. The rest of the match “blue garnet” has scored five goals and won. It is the “Barcelona” will perform in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Barcelona – Lyon 5:1
Goals: Messi, 18 (pen), 78, Coutinho, 31, Peak, 81, dembélé, 86 – Tusar, 58

Messi struck already in the 4th minute. But Lopez turned in a jump ball in the corner. The attack itself is “blaugranas” distinguished by a rapid transition of the ball in one touch, leaving out of the game for the entire defense, “Lyon”. On the seventh minute “Barcelona” has once again managed to bring the case to impact. It struck Rakitic. But Denier blocked the shot.

In the tenth minute, Lyon was troubled Ter Stegen with a shot. Ntombela decided to take a shot from outside the penalty area.

Barcelona continued to dominate in this match. The team was looking for ways to the goal of Lopes. And only reliable game of the goalkeeper in the 14th minute gave Messi to differ. The goalkeeper in this episode famously went hands forward, knocking the ball from under the feet of the opponent.

But to come forward “Barcelona” has managed thanks to a penalty. Denier tackle played against Suarez, and the striker fell in the penalty area. Drop came out several picture, but referee Szymon Marciniak has appointed 11-metre blow. Messi struck a “penalty shot”, while the goalkeeper threw himself at the left corner of the goal.

Almost immediately the “lion” could even the score. Dembele but from a lethal position has punched by gate frame. In this episode Langlais saved his team – a slight deflection off him, sent the ball for a corner.

On 21 minutes, Coutinho was faced with Lopesan in the penalty area. Then the goalkeeper needed medical help, and spare goalkeeper of the French club went to warm up. Lopes assisted more than 4 minutes. Doctors showed that needed to be replaced but the goalkeeper has not agreed to it, indicating that it will be able to continue. And he was left at the gate, “Lyon”. Although he was replaced before the break.

But before that, Lopes missed the second goal. Although the culprit of the scoring can be considered Markala, who missed Suarez in the penalty box. Striker “Barcelona” gave the ball to Coutinho, who netted the ball into the goal.

Later Barcelona had a few moments. But to score before the break and failed. Despite the fact that the first half was added to six minutes.

Video of the best moments of the first half of the match Barcelona – Lyon

Managed Barcelona to score early in the second half. Although Messi sent the ball over the goalkeeper Jorgelina the gate. But Marcel at the last moment in falling knocked the ball out of the gate.

Lyon narrowed the gap to the efforts of Tusar. The players of the French team took a corner, followed by a canopy in the penalty area. A long ball flew from one player to another, until I hit Tosara. First touch taking the ball, the second player shot. The judge took the decision to include goal (again, I had to use a system VAR), and all pointed to the center of the field.

Goal returned intrigue to the game. Lyon began to strike at goal. Did not stay to answer and Barcelona.

But this intrigue was finally killed in three minutes. In the 78th minute Messi made a great individual pass and shot from outside the box. Gurzelen in this episode was not able to cope with the shock to the lower left corner of the goal. So the account became 3:1.

A score of 4:1 did the Peak. The Central defender scored after the free kick, and locked the quick attack of the hosts. The ball in the penalty area “held” Messi.

But Barca did not stop. Goal scored by Dembele. Again, Messi again with a scoring pass. Dembele and powerful shot between his legs Gorzelany.

Video of the best moments of the second half of the match Barcelona – Lyon

Barcelona won and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Her opponent will be determined Friday, March 15, during the draw.