Bari Alibasov alive: rossm launched a fake, the producer has died

Бари Алибасов жив: росСМИ запустили фейк, что продюсер умер

June 5 in the Russian media appeared information that Bari Alibasov, who the day before poisoned with toxic liquid, died at the Sklifosovsky Institute in Moscow. It was a fake and actually is a Russian producer alive.

Press Secretary Alibasov Vadim Garancin comments in the “360” surprised statement about the death producer and noted that the network spread false information.

It’s all nonsense! No one died, he’s alive. I talked to him 15 minutes ago. He was hard, but Bari Karimovich alive. We have tomorrow morning will be normal, a full statement of his condition
said Gorjanci.

Alibasov went to the hospital and was in serious condition after by mistake instead of water and drank the liquid for cleaning pipes. Caustic liquid has damaged the esophagus, stomach, upper respiratory tract. Doctors diagnosed artist fourth degree burns.

At the same time, chief editor of the Russian Esquire Sergei Minayev has already apologized for spreading fake information about the death Alibasov.

“Sorry, I saw two messages in the film about the death of Alibasov and wrote about it. I apologize to the relatives and friends of Bari Alibasov. I fell like a dick” – he wrote.

Who is Bari Alibasov?
71-year-old Soviet and Russian musician, composer, music producer, honored artist of Russia. Alibasov has created a group “Integral” and “on-On”.