Basic match “Metalist 1925″–”Dnepr-1” has collected more than 22 thousand spectators in the stands: video

Принципиальный матч "Металлист 1925"–"Днепр-1" собрал более 22 тысяч зрителей на трибунах: видео

Before the match between Kharkiv “Metalist 1925” and “Dnepr-1” of the team they were 5 points. It was ahead of Dnipro. Therefore, face-to-face meeting between these teams in Kharkov was of fundamental importance.

1925 Metalist – Dnipro-1 1:2
Goals: Zhdanov, 10 – Kulish, 28 (pen), kuzik, 49
Removal: Grankin, 29 (Metalist 1925)

If Metalist wins this match, he would have approached to within two points to the leader. The victory of “Dnepr” has made it almost unattainable for the pursuers, and therefore the main contender for a direct ticket in the Premier League. Moreover, in the first leg in Dnipro won the players “Metalist 1925”.

They were close to the home victory. Already on 10-th minute Alexander Zhdanov opened the scoring in this match after a corner kick.

But within three minutes – from the 27th to the 29th – all for “Metalist” has changed. First, the Daniel of Kanevcev earned a penalty in the gate. Kick with 11-meter mark clearly realized Stanislav Kulish. And after that, Dmitry Grankin received a straight red card and left the home team in the minority.

The winning goal “Dnepr-1” was scored after the break. The team managed to attack the left flank, which shot Orest Kuzyk. A slight bounce, and Kanevcev already reached for the ball, which flew into the net.

But “Metalist”, despite playing in the minority, could expect to draw. And after a corner the ball hit the post.

Match highlights of the match Metalist 1925 – Dnepr-1

It is worth noting that this match in Kharkiv came 22 362 fans. This is the best indicator of the season in the First League. In addition, it is the second result in traffic in the 2018/19 season as a whole in Ukraine, if not to take into consideration European games. Also it is the best indicator for First League games since the season 2002/03. The match “Spartak “and the onward “Stars” in Sumy looked 29300 spectators.

Принципиальный матч "Металлист 1925"–"Днепр-1" собрал более 22 тысяч зрителей на трибунах: видео

Spectators in the stands of the RSC “Metalist”