Basketball “Golden state” roughly pushed partner Mikhaylyuk, almost had a fight: video

Баскетболист "Голден Стейт" грубо повалил партнера Михайлюка, едва не возникла драка: видео

In the match of the regular championship of NBA between Golden state and the Lakers Ukrainian Svyatoslav Mikhailuk almost came to blows.

Owners center Demarcus cousins in the third quarter during the attack, knocked to the floor of the player the Lakers Kyle Kuzma.

Cousins, whose height is 211 cm, weight 122 kg, scored on a dunk, but all the weight came across Kuzma, who fell and almost got injured.

After episode Demarcus almost got into a fight as the player of the Lakers was convinced that was a foul. Center “Golden state warriors” stopped teammates.

Winning the match won it was the hosts – 115:101.

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