Basketball player blatantly threw the ball at the referee, and was expelled from the platform: video

Баскетболист нагло бросил мяч в судью, за что был выгнан с площадки: видео

During the match play-off NBA between “San Antonio” and “Denver” defender of the home team Demar derozan got deleted. The player did not keep his emotions during a foul.

In the fourth quarter, the player tried to pass under the ring to throw, but fouled. After the siren he was outraged by this decision and with all his strength threw the ball in the direction of the referee. It is for this foul on Demar derozan received a technical foul and left the area.

Video of a foul demar derozan has

“Denver” has won on the road 103:117 and evened the series score 2:2