Basketball: “Polytechnic” sensationally defeated “Dnepr”

Баскетбол: "Политехник" сенсационно разгромил "Днепр"

In the match of the regular championship of the Superleague in basketball “Dnepr” suddenly, the hotel yielded “Polytechnic”.

“Polytechnic” – “Dnepr” 80:73 (20:15, 20:18, 29:16, 11:24)

Kharkiv basketball players throughout the match was leading in the score. The advantage of the team reached 20 points.

However, the visitors quickly began to catch up, and less than half last quarter, the gap had shrunk to a mere 7 points. But this is all over. The maximum that managed guests in the remaining time is to narrow the gap to 5 points but not more.

Thanks to the victory of “Polytechnic” continues a pursuit for “Odessa”, which is on the 6th place in the standings, “Dnepr” after the meeting, difficult situation in the struggle for leadership in the Superleague.

“Polytechnic” the following match will play on February 13 at home against “Zaporozhye”. “Dnepr” also will play at home against “Zaporozhye”, but on 15 February.

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