Bathing in Baptism-2019: how to dive into the hole

Купание на Крещение-2019: как правильно окунаться в прорубь

There are two sides to bathing on Epiphany: the first is health, the second is spiritual. When absolutely not to dive? How to prepare the body for the procedure? And after swimming in the hole do not earn pneumonia?

Tip 1 – pay attention to health. Regular hardening – good for health. But the abrupt hypothermia can cause inflammation of chronic diseases. Therefore, diving must be properly prepared, especially if you decided to do this for the first time at Baptism.

What are the contraindications to bathing?

– all diseases at acute stage;

– cardiovascular diseases;

– epilepsy, trauma of the skull, sclerosis of cerebral vessels;

– neuritis, polyneuritis;

– diabetes, thyrotoxicosis;

– glaucoma, conjunctivitis;

– gastric ulcer, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis;

– venereal disease.

Tip 2 – prepare for bathing in advance. Ideally, to prepare for the immersion you need in August.

Tip 3 – select a font. It is better to swim in specially organized places, not where you want. First, the organizers are already considering the perfect options and depth to the font, and secondly, often near a lifeguard. Thirdly, there are a lot of people, in which case that will be able to help you.

Tip 4 – take the right equipment. Bring a swimsuit, trunks, towel, Bathrobe, a set of dry blanching and clothes, Slippers, not to run to the baptismal font with bare feet on ice. Please note that the soles of Slippers do not slip. Bring a thermos of tea. Can also take warm socks.

Tip 5 – warm up before diving. Only alcohol! Alcohol is forbidden for use before diving into the hole. You may find that it is warm, but everything turns out exactly the opposite, it enhances the heat transfer. Have all chances to earn the pneumonia, because you can not see the hypothermia.

Need to warm up exercise. For several minutes do exercises. The body should be hot, but not sweat. Undressed, take a few strokes with hands and feet, sit-UPS and tilts.

Tip 6 – don’t stay in the water. Orthodox tradition says to dip to three times. That’s enough. Three quick diving and go on land. You may find that you can last in the water longer. It is possible, but it is better not to do to not get sick.

It does not matter if you are going to plunge not head. Better to spare yourself. It’s one thing if after bathing you sit in your warm car and leave, and another thing, if you need 20 minutes to walk from the hole with a wet head in the cold.

Tip 7 – keep warm after bathing. Here a thermos of tea. But first RUB the body well with a towel, quickly put on dry, it is now possible to drink tea. Alcohol after bathing in the hole also absolutely can not drink!

Tip 8 – don’t force yourself to swim. If you don’t want to dive, I’m afraid to do it, then do not succumb to the herd instinct. The body knows best.