Battle for the vaccine: why Berlin has invested 300 million euros into the firm CureVac

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

The intrigue around promising anti COVID-19: the German government became the owner of a biotechnology company, which allegedly wanted to entice in the United States Donald trump.

With a German biotech company CureVac linked three high-profile news in recent months. Fame she received in March after rumors that Donald trump tried to lure her to the United States to provide Americans with the exclusive rights to develop its vaccine against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The European Commission and the German government funded vaccine to all

Immediately after this came the news that the European Commission, the Executive body of the EU, gave her a 80 million Euro that, according to official statements, to accelerate the development and production in Europe available to people around the world of vaccines against coronavirus and other diseases.

And now the third sensational news was came on 15 June reported that the German government is now a co-owner of CureVac because, through state development Bank KfW for a 300 million Euro bought it as a share of approximately 23 percent in the increase of its share capital. Speech thus goes about the infusion of fresh money, and not just about the redistribution of property rights.

This investment and this amount indicate that in Berlin appreciate the technological potential of the company and its chances of creating a vaccine against the coronavirus, based on the latest RNA technology (ribonucleic acid, RNA). The declared goal of Germany and the EU – to make the vaccine available to all, including poor countries.

Did Donald trump to entice CureVac in the United States?

Besides this investment indirectly confirms that the saying “no smoke without fire” for this story, it seems, is still applicable. However, the leadership of CureVac, said that attempts to lure a company in the US for a large sum was not. However, such a denial could be dictated by purely pragmatic considerations: why would a firm that has a division in America, to spoil relations with the Washington administration?

At the same time, there are three irrefutable fact. First: shortly after meeting Donald trump in early March in Washington with the heads of leading pharmaceutical companies involved in her Chapter CureVac, an American by nationality, was dismissed without explanation.

Second: perennial sponsor of the company, the German billionaire Dietmar Hopp (Dietmar Hopp), then made the statement that a vaccine against coronavirus should be “used to protect people, not regional, and in solidarity around the world.” Third: the European Union urgently CureVac has provided funding in the amount of 80 million euros.

Industrial policy in the era of coronavirus

In favor of the fact that the TRANS-Atlantic intrigue around the know-how of the German company still had a place to say and some made June 15, statements by the Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier (Peter Altmaier).

Stressing that the state does not intend to intervene in corporate policy, it, according to the Agency dpa, said that the decision is dictated by the industrial policy of Germany: important scientific developments and technologies are needed now in Germany and Europe.

The Minister also recalled the purpose of the German government to achieve greater independence in the production of active substances for medicines and vaccines. “This investment is a first step in this direction”, – said Peter Altmaier. The fact that this spring on the background of the pandemic in the early stages there was a risk of disruptions in the supply of medicines and raw materials for them, especially from China and India.

Billionaire Dietmar Hopp 20 years, sponsored science

In turn, Dietmar Hopp, said on 15 June that a pandemic coronavirus demonstrated the great importance of biotechnology for patients, society and the world. According to him, he was very happy that it is realized now at the state level and decided to support one of the key sectors of the modern economy.

79-year-old billionaire Dietmar Hopp, one of the five founders of Europe’s largest software company SAP, which produces software for managing business processes, invested in CureVac in 2000 immediately after her at the age of 32 years had created in the German University town of tübingen after defending his thesis biologist Herr Ingmar (Ingmar Hoerr).

A decade and a half billionaire almost single-handedly financed the research firm, which employs currently about 450 people. From 2015, the money began to come also from the charitable Fund, created by the founder of the American company Microsoft bill gates and his wife Melinda – of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In just two decades, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in this biotech company, which is still running with a loss, has invested approximately 550 million euros. Now it added another 300 million euros from the German government. And raised hope for the emergence of an effective vaccine against the coronavirus.

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

Битва за вакцину: почему Берлин вложил 300 млн евро в фирму CureVac

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