Battle motion picture Peter Jackson

Батальное кинополотно Питера Джексона

Elena Karaeva

In a year when Europe celebrates the centenary of the First world war, which in France is still called the great war, Peter Jackson turns to the story of a soldier’s heroism in the trenches of the battle. For Jackson, this story is personal, his grandfather was a veteran of those battles.

“I decided with the help of experts to find out what was said by the soldiers depicted in the chronicle of that time. I was it’s important. It was important for me and what they were thinking, what mood they were in, how they relate to what is happening with them, to war, to the fact that they were forced to endure every day. I was surprised when it turned out that these people were joking. Yes, they joked, they teased each other. Although this attitude is, in General, understandable – the humor helped them to survive in hell and not lose their mind.”

Jackson, whose films have been multiple world Champions rental, refused the fees and poterenih.

Premiere Kinopalats “They shall grow not old” will be held on the 16th of October. The 100th anniversary of the great war, the world will mark the 11th November.

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