“Battle of the exclusives”: Fallout 76 and other high-profile projects Bethesda will appear in Steam

"Битва эксклюзивов": Fallout 76 и другие громкие проекты Bethesda появятся в Steam

Studio Bethesda Softworks has promised to release a number of their games in the digital distribution service Steam. The company published the corresponding address in the network Twitter.

What projects will be available on Steam? As reported by Overclockers, future Bethesda projects will be simultaneously available in both Steam and in the store Bethesda Store-including Rage 2, Eternal DOOM, Wolfenstein: and Wolfenstein Youngblood: Cyberpilot.

Fallout 76. In addition to new products on Steam will be added acclaimed massively multiplayer role-playing game Fallout 76. It was released in November 2018, exclusively for the Bethesda Store and was ambiguously accepted by many players and critics.

Obviously, this step is aimed at trying to revitalize a little user base Fallout 76, which decreases with each passing day.

"Битва эксклюзивов": Fallout 76 и другие громкие проекты Bethesda появятся в Steam

Steam will appear in high-profile projects the Studio Bethesda

War between Steam and Epic Games Store. In any case, we are witnessing a “war of exclusives” between Steam and Epic Games Store. Previously, Microsoft announced the release of a collection of console shooters Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam.

In turn, Epic Games Store boasts Metro: Exodus, Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, Control The Outer Worlds and other games.

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