Batumi: in the footsteps of the Argonauts

Батуми: по следам аргонавтов


Batumi is capital of Ajara, one of the largest cities of Georgia, her most well-known seaside resort and port. Cable car “Argo” will take you to the top of Anuria mountain, to a height of 2500 meters above the sea level. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of Batumi, capital of Adjara.

The first mention of Batumi date back to the IV century BC, its history is closely linked with ancient Greek myths of Jason and the Argonauts. Today Batumi is a dynamic city of tourism, entertainment and trade, which does not rest on its laurels and is actively developing.

Leah, Putkaradze, resident of Batumi: “the cable car is a great way to see and Batumi and the surrounding mountains, and the Black sea”.

Having enjoyed the panorama, not in a hurry to get down here, on the height of bird flight, you will find plenty of entertainment, live music and ethnic restaurants.

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