Bayern 20 times won the German Cup, breaking Bayer – the wonder goals Lewandowski: video

"Бавария" 20-й раз выиграла Кубок Германии, разбив "Байер" – чудо-голы Левандовского: видео

"Бавария" 20-й раз выиграла Кубок Германии, разбив "Байер" – чудо-голы Левандовского: видео

Bayern Munich for the 20th time in its history won the Cup of Germany. The final drawing 2019/2020 Bayern beat Leverkusen.

Leverkusen – Bayern 2:4

Goals: Bender, 63, Gavert, 90+4 (p) – Alaba, 16, Gnabry, 24, Lewandowski, 59, 89

Bayern traditionally aggressive start of the match, trying quickly to decide the fate of the game, writes the channel 24. Already in the 8th minute Goretzka has not used a good opportunity to take Bayern forward.

Leon was the recipient of a great transfer, but in the jump shot over the bar.

In a few minutes Lewandowski earned an extremely dangerous free kick in front of the possessions of the Moravian. A shot from mark decided to fulfill Alaba and jewelry shot opened the scoring.

Video goals from Alaba

“Bavaria” has not slowed down – in the 21st minute opportunity had Muller. His shot was parried away Gradecki. The second goal in gate “Bayer” was brewing. Kimmich gave a sumptuous pass into the path Gnabry. Serge burst into the penalty area and a pool with a blow put the ball into the corner.

Video goals Gnabry

After the break, Bayer joined the game and began to create dangerous chances. Absolute time is not used volland after lumbago from the flank.

“Bavaria” hint “pharmacists” understood and quickly secured the advantage. Noer, who is in a difficult position, just knocked on Lewandowski.

Robert expertly tamed the ball 30 metres out and fired. Gradecki almost parried the ball, but released it at the last moment – a goal due to mistake of the goalkeeper.

Video of the first goal Lewandowski

On 63 minutes, Bayer laid the Foundation for a possible comeback. Bender cool hammer the ball into the goal after Neuer’s corner – 3:1.

Video Gol Bender

About 10 minutes was dominated by Leverkusen, then Bayern are back in the game. In particular, in the 74th minute Lewandowski was not enough several centimetres to close a cross from Perisic.

On 86 minutes a chance for Leverkusen missed Diaby, not giving a pass to free Belarbi. The last one was in the penalty box Bayern.

Bayern finished off Leverkusen in the 89th minute. Lewandowski elegantly knocked over Gradecki after a pass from Perisic.

The second goal Lewandowski video

In stoppage time Leverkusen have won back one ball after the exact penalty Caverta.

Video goals Caverta

4:2 – “Bavaria” for the second time in a row won the German Cup.

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