BBC: Oxford coronavirus vaccine safe and induces immune response

BBC: Оксфордская вакцина от коронавируса безопасна и вызывает реакцию иммунитета

In most cases, protective cells appear in the body of volunteers after a single injection.

The coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University, proved to be safe and capable of provoking a reaction from the immune system. Her trial was attended by 1077 people.

According to the BBC, in volunteers who were injected with the drug, discovered antibodies and T-lymphocytes, able to deal with the coronavirus. The results are very encouraging. However, the publication notes that it is too early to say whether it is possible with the help of the Oxford vaccine to protect the population from COVID-19. Further research is ongoing.

However, the British government has ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine. It is called nCoV ChAdOx1-19 and was developed with unprecedented speed. The vaccine is made from a genetically modified virus, which causes colds in chimpanzees. It changed so he can’t infect people, and that was “similar” to the coronavirus. Scientists have achieved this by incorporating the genetic code for proteins in the “spikes” COVID-19, with which it attaches itself to human cells in the vaccine was working. Thus, the drug resembles a coronavirus. And the immune system is able to learn from it to attack the real virus.

The problem COVID-19 much attention has been paid to the antibodies. But they were only part of protect the human body against disease. Antibodies are capable of doing coronavirus inactive. T-lymphocytes, or white blood cells help coordinate the immune system and is able to identify which cells in the body have been infected and destroy them. Almost all effective vaccines provoke a reaction of antibodies and T-lymphocytes.

The level of T-lymphocytes reached a peak 14 days after vaccination. And the level of antibodies remained at its peak even after 28 days. However, the study continues long enough to be able to say how long the vaccine can provide immunity.

“We are happy with the results published today because we saw how antibodies and T-lymphocytes. They are encouraging. And we believe that this is the type of reaction that gives protection. But the key question the answer to which everybody wants to know – whether the vaccine can it to guarantee protection. So now we play the waiting,” explained Professor Andrew Pollard from the Oxford research group.

The study showed that 90% of people who were vaccinated, there were antibodies after one dose. Only 10 people did two injections before they have a antibodies.

“We don’t know what level of antibodies needed for protection, but we can maximize the reaction with the second dose,” said Pollard.

Safe Oxford vaccine? Yes. But there are side effects. 70% of study participants had developed a fever or a headache. But scientists say that these problems were resolved with paracetamol. No life-threatening effects, scientists did not observe.

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