Beans improves heart health and helps to lose weight

Фасоль улучшает состояние сердца и помогает худеть

A study by American specialists have shown that use bean strengthens the heart and helps to reduce the overweight.

“Regularly including in your diet the bean can successfully combat obesity. The use of beans helps to reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” stated after scientists conducted their experiments.

In particular, there were carried out experiments on mice that were obese. These animals were given daily beans. As a result, the rodents lost a lot of weight. In addition, there were improvements in the performance of their cardiovascular system.

During the second experiment the effect of beans on the organism had been studied in patients with type II diabetes. These subjects after inclusion of legumes in the diet was also observed the positive transformation of the heart muscle. Scientists noted a decrease in tissue damage due to the impact on the body of free radicals – molecules that cause cellular integrity and in this regard, the development of various diseases.

Experts strongly advise to use the beans people, faced with the problem of obesity and diabetes.