“Bear” almost got sick: Like Skoda Kodiaq moved 300 000 km – blogger

«Медвежонок» почти не болел: Как Skoda Kodiaq перенес 300 000 км пробега - блогер

Czech crossover 3 years extremely active driving was not what.

In blog theme Drive2 told about it by its owner. Because of the rather specific work, the motorist shall be brought every day to overcome the almost 1 000 kilometres, so before choosing your new car the driver put several important criteria: adequate flow rates, a high level of comfort and decent speed capabilities.

And Skoda Kodiaq with a gasoline 2-liter TSI with 180 horsepower under all these options came up, like no other. “Kodiak” was dispersed to a hundred km/h in 8 seconds stable, allowing you to maintain a comfortable cruising speed on highways and when riding around town was quite a better choice, because of what the owner of the SUV stopped so much afraid of the long tubes.

Telling how Skoda Kodiaq moved 300 000 km in 3 years, the driver said that no serious mistakes have been reported. The list of breakdowns was not the smallest, but the motorist knew what they were doing, when bought Czech crossover for such active use, and because all the problematic aspects of it could not be attributed to critical.

During the passage of TS-1 on the transfer case Skoda Kodiaq was discovered, the drop of oil which continually appeared again. Authorized dealers without any problems offered the driver a free replacement, from which he could not refuse. Also twice I had to replace the left mirror because it was rotten the chip connection of the lamp to illuminate the legs, but the third substitute “the official” guess install not factory consumables, and the option is more expensive, and the problem disappeared.

At around 225 000 km in the right ball Skoda Kodiaq was discovered a small gap, it was also replaced under warranty, and in the left part of the cabin before THE last driver found “cricket”, which in the end was removed by the dealers. To 300 000 km in the crossover burned out glow plug, I had to change the timing belt and attachments, but everything else – “bear” almost “sick”, “you Probably will pass the same amount. Serious problems I found!”.

«Медвежонок» почти не болел: Как Skoda Kodiaq перенес 300 000 км пробега - блогер

«Медвежонок» почти не болел: Как Skoda Kodiaq перенес 300 000 км пробега - блогер