Beat for note: the incident in the street in Kharkov

Избил за замечание: происшествие посреди улицы в Харькове

The man attacked a policeman in Kharkiv. The incident happened June 19, reported in the regional Department of the national police.

Later that evening, the patrol was summoned to the street 23 Aug. Upon arrival, police saw lying on the ground very drunk man. They brought him to his senses and began to chat.

At this time, the police came another drunk and started to scold them “mate”. Patrol he made the remark. In response to the aggressive man snatched with fists on one of the police officers and beat him. The victim was injured.

Alcoholic-the brawler detained. The offender made the administrative Protocol under article 173 of the Cao – “disorderly conduct”.

On the facts of resisting a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties and the deliberate infliction of bodily injury opened two criminal proceedings.