Beat with a sledgehammer and cut off his head. Details of the murder of men by men Wagner in Syria

Избили кувалдой и отрезали голову. Подробности убийства мужчины бойцами Вагнера в Сирии

Established the identity of one of four criminals who brutally beat a man in Syria and cut off his head.

In 2017, the network posted a video in which four people in Syria brutally beat man with a hammer. Then people assumed it may be PMCs soldiers Wagner. However, to confirm information failed.

A new development was the appearance of three new videos that are a continuation of the roller 2017. To them the man was beaten with a sledgehammer, lying on the ground, after which he cut off his head with a knife, cut off the hands of a shovel, hang a body by his feet, doused with gasoline and burned. All these actions are accompanied by jokes and approving comments.

The footage of this atrocity, it was observed the open face of one of the criminals. Novaya Gazeta found his alleged Facebook account through the service FindClone that allows finding similar users of a social network for photos. The name and date of birth out edition compared with the existing edition of lists “documented the mercenaries” and saw the match. Refers to the publication of this man Stanislav D. the editors Have got a copy of his passport and the journalists claim that he was a fighter PMCs Wagner at least 2016, and engaged in exploration.

Other video participants will be able to set an official investigation in Russia. The new newspaper is ready to transfer the materials to the Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee and interior Ministry. Movie heroes turned to each other, calling Callsign Pamir and the Wolf.