Beaten and threatened with a gun: the finalist of national selection for Eurovision YUKO was a victim of violence

Бил и запугивал пистолетом: финалистка Нацотбора на Евровидение YUKO была жертвой насилия

The soloist of the Ukrainian group YUKO and finalist of the National selection for Eurovision-2019 Yulia Yurina, who has Russian citizenship, told the awful details of her childhood. The most terrible memories for girls became a brutal beating in the family and threats.

According to Yulia, in her childhood and youth she had many difficult trials. The singer frankly told the publication Pink.

“This is bullying, and loss in relationships, and abuse (emotional violence – LifeStyle 24), but the most difficult is to be a witness of someone’s alcoholism and the victim of domestic violence… But I wouldn’t want to put pressure on the pity. My story is a reason to discuss important issues in a wide circle,” she explained.

So, the singer told that one man, who met her mother, had a “specific attitude” to it. “At the age of three I was taken to a strange city, in a family mother’s “fiancé”, which was conservative and extremely hated children. Most likely, in the dashing 90’s, this man was an authority in the automotive business,” he described of the elect mother YUKO.

He had a peculiar attitude to me – he beat me for any reason and even without reason. I could be locked in your room all day and threaten that kicked my mother out of the house into the cold, throwing me against the walls and cabinets. One of the most vivid memories – the intimidation of the gun that was sent in my direction,
– admitted Yulia Yurina.

The girl added that “once it was thrown against the wall so hard that my mom came running at the noise, but she, as if nothing had happened, under the head quickly put the purple rabbit”

“Then my mom first learned that I was hit. On all your drawings, I portrayed “uncle Sasha” in the image of hell… my Mom was divorced. And later happened to her new marriage in which I was not a direct victim and a witness. It’s hard to say which one’s worse,” continued to talk about his life artist.

The new mother’s husband, according to her, was a decent man, but quickly became addicted to alcohol and drunken fits of beat the mother, “if she were not a person but a punching bag”.

It’s hard to remember how I delayed adult male from mom, which combat combination landed many blows. But then even with the bruises was not a witness of violence. “You thought, this can not be. Sorry it didn’t happen again,” he said. All this, of course, was repeated again. Each time stronger and stronger. Morning gaslighting the evening – a new act of violence, a new scandal, the new bullying, beating. At some point I started to think that he gets pleasure from it. Five years of relationship mom with this man three years were a living hell,
– shared the soloist of the band YUKO.

Subsequently, when the situation became terribly critical, the girl’s mother called the police and called her husband’s parents, but the abuser is not stopped.

“One day, after mom wrote a statement to the police, friends of this man caught her, and gently beat is struck in the stomach and to where bruising can occur to a lesser extent. Know that just the two of us”, she added.

Julia has seven years living in Ukraine, her mother remained in Russia. Distance does not prevent them from storing “absolute love and understanding”.