Beating a COP with foreigners in Kiev: new details

Избиение копа иностранцами в Киеве: новые подробности

To the beating of the militiaman involved in not one, but two foreigners, said the victim’s relative COP.

Two citizens of Azerbaijan with brass knuckles beaten by police in Kiev. This edition said the victim’s relative of the militiaman.

According to her, on July 22, a police patrol was returning along with his partner home from the office on your own car. On the way he noticed that the other driver violates the traffic rules and creates a dangerous situation on the road.

“He was off duty but in uniform, got out of the car, made a comment and stopped the driver. That, in turn, began to snap and his guilt did not recognize. Started swearing, subsequently, the offender called his relative or friend,” – said the woman.

When he came to “help”, then two of them attacked a policeman, beat him and were going to abscond from the scene. But then came another patrol car, and together the police managed to arrest the attackers, said a relative of the victim. As it turned out, the citizens of Azerbaijan.

Now the victim is in hospital with cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion and a disfigured eye.

“Most likely, in the face beaten with something heavy and metal, like brass knuckles. Now expected conclusions of doctors will restored the sight,” the woman added.

Meanwhile, according to her, the detainees were interrogated, and the decision of the investigator, one of them was released, on what grounds currently specified.

“The fate of the second is unknown, but it all goes to the fact that the responsibility will be removed from both. All information in the published articles was much trimmed, and already instead of the two offenders police beat only one,” she said.

A woman, commenting on the auto blocking machine aliens police also said that video of the conflict captured on camera and is now the investigator.