Beating boxer schoolboy in Kiev, became aware of new victims

Избиение боксером школьника в Киеве: стало известно о новых жертв

Victims of the boxer Victor Sidorenko, who was beaten in Kiev of a teenager thrown into the windshield snow, that day became two more children.

Sport 24 reported that in Kiev the driver got into a fight with Teens who pelted his car with snow. It later turned out that the man is Victor Sidorenko – professional boxer and world champion in kickboxing.

About the new victims in the incident was written by the father of the injured boy Alex Vovk in Facebook. According to him, now all three students were hospitalized and are in-patient observation.

The man said that his son played in the snow on the street with their friends – and it had 4 boys and 2 girls. One snowball allegedly flew to the side and hooked the car Sidorenko.

I find it very difficult to cope with their emotions, in connection with yesterday’s situation which occurred with our son Kirill and other children. Yesterday, after school, our son, in the company of his classmates, among whom there were 4 boys and 2 girls, played snowballs. The children conversed among themselves, had fun and were happy. One snowball flew towards the curb of the roadway and sideswiped a car. Following this, from a vehicle (which got a snowball) took off the driver and began to apply professional punches and kicks to our son and his two friends
– wrote the victim’s father.

Alexey Volkov noted that hopes for an adequate response by the Federation of Boxing of Ukraine and law enforcement agencies, as Sidorenko is a professional athlete and runs his own school.

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