Beautiful congratulations on March 8

Красивые поздравления с 8 марта

In anticipation of warm spring and women’s Day we have collected the most beautiful, congratulations. Select appropriate poems and wishes March 8 in our collection.

This wonderful women’s day I want to wish only positive emotions, endless happiness and good health. Let adversity sidestep, and every day is cause for new joy.

A beautiful day on 8 March

Let the worried soul,

Compliments will be hot

And your head will spin.

Let your heart fill with joy,

Harmony and beauty,

Of sweet eyes will take the fatigue

And will never return!

There are many wonderful holidays,

But Women’s day is unique.

And kind, gentle and lovely

All the women we adore.

Because life without you is losing paint

And, despite years

Be loved and lovely,

Native women, always!

Dear and beloved grandmother on March 8! Let this spring come true all your desires. Let miracles happen and dreams come true. Let there always Shine with joy to the eye. Let it be as he wants heart! With a holiday!

In this holiday I wish you only positive emotions, endless happiness and good health. Let every day be a reason for joy!

My dear friend, I congratulate you on March 8! Want a rich life, true love, joyful emotions, moments of happiness!

I wish you a fabulous mood, affectionate men embrace, dizzying career, favorite Hobbies, family stability, bright impressions, financial independence, happy smiles and lots of magic days like today splendid women’s day – March 8!

I hasten to congratulate with the March 8 enchanting, charming and truly beautiful woman! Let the celebration of spring comes with the best gift in the form of good mood, happiness and elation. On this day we wish only pure, true love, loyalty and, of course, good health.

Dear, my dear! I hasten to congratulate you with all my heart to thank you for what you have in my life, because without you it would be boring and bland. I wish you only good mood and fulfillment of desires and exceptional success in achieving their goals! You’re the best!

The onset of the March 8 means that the flowers are already plotting a parade of beauty. I want them to race flourished your Sunny smile. Let the smiles your heart is filled with light and warming gentle warmth. The judges of the beauty contest blind, because you March 8 should be crowned for her charm.

Even today, a gentle spring sun, warm with the gentle rays. Beautiful and fragrant flowers will enchant with its magical aroma. Warm smiles and loving eyes all friends and relatives are pleasing to the heart. And happiness, success and love may follow along the long and bright life.

The gentle, bright and beautiful day of the year – March 8! The beginning of spring, the beginning of life in nature, first heat. Dear women, let that warmth settle in your homes and souls. Let the beauty of nature inspires. And the beginning of spring symbolizes the start of something very desirable and beautiful in your life! With a holiday!

Dear women, we congratulate you with International women’s day! We wish you warmth and love in their hearts, wonderful mood and well-being. Be beautiful, happy, giving a smile, rejoice and have a wonderful experience. You’re adorable! With a holiday!

Happy spring, charm, beauty and femininity! Let every day be like this: filled with smiles, admiration, love, care and joy. Be happy, feeling women, princesses, Queens. With the 8th of March, dear ladies!

Wish happiness to many,

Smiles happy bouquet

Friends, healthy and happy,

Good luck in life, long years,

And that troubles all the luck

Lived, once loved and lucky!

You are beautiful, like a rose,

Only one difference:

Roses wilt from the cold,

The beauty of women – ever!

I wish you all that life is rich:

Health, happiness, long years,

Let this holiday – day March 8 –

In the soul will leave a good mark!

What a pity that the sun I can’t give

The flower on the phone not to send

There was only a card to sign

And a ray of warmth in your heart to leave!

Let this day spring beams

You will smile at people and flowers,

And let’s always walk through life with You

Love, health, happiness and dreams!

The month of March and the eighth day.

There was a smell in the air spring.

Spring we will praise,

And let me congratulate You

With international women’s day!

On the occasion of 8 March – International women’s day! Let on a rich carpet of your life never fade the three main flower: faith, hope and love!

Красивые поздравления с 8 марта

Красивые поздравления с 8 марта

Красивые поздравления с 8 марта