Beauty: Nikolaev showed the grown daughter

"Красавица": Николаев показал подросшую дочь

Now the family has a rest in Jurmala.

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60-year-old singer on the page shared on his page on “Instagram” atmospheric photography. It shows his 4-year-old daughter Veronica, who poses against a sunset and the sea.

“The sea, the Sunset and the Heart of a Expression for you!” – wrote the proud father.

Commentators immediately noted the comely appearance of the girls. “So grown up! Beautiful!”, “What a Princess!!!!” – they wrote.

The wife of Igor Nikolaev, who gave him a daughter, is Yulia Proskuryakova. Their marriage lasted for 10 years. The age difference of the couple is 22 years.

The singer met with Julia in 2006. Then he took a tour in Yekaterinburg. Julia has long followed the work of Nikolaev and was a fan of his. Moreover, she was engaged in singing activities. The girl had the chance to meet the musician. However, their communication was interrupted. But after Proskuryakova failed to pass the audition in a musical show and asked for the Council to Nikolaev, among them began a relationship.

We will remind that Yulia Proskuryakova is the third wife of Nikolaev. He was married to a classmate Elena Kudryashova and singer Natasha Koroleva. From his first marriage he has a daughter Julia. Now she and her mother lives in America.

Earlier there was news that the youngest daughter of Veronica peredelnogo father.