Beauty secrets of Bella Hadid: food models and activities

Popular American model Bella Hadid impresses with its slim figure and seductive forms. The star shared the secrets of her beauty and told about his diet.

Bella Hadid always looks unbeatable on the catwalks and photo shoots. However, for such a result she works a lot on ourselves. Regular visits to the beautician, balanced feeds, and also do not forget about physical training.


As noted by bell, the Breakfast should be hearty. For her, the perfect option is eggs and sausage. If this dish is not enough time, the model prefers the whole wheat toasts and scrambled eggs.


Hadid suggests we eat for lunch more protein. According to her, it helps the whole day to stay on his feet. Usually, a celebrity is eating fish and roasted vegetables.


Dinner should be like lunch. It should contain high protein and a little fiber.

Prohibited products

The star is sometimes allows himself to pizza, pasta and French fries. She also likes coke.


In the daily diet bell uses water, smoothies and green juices. They help to keep the skin in good condition, good clean body from inside and detoxify.


Bella Hadid can’t live without sport. Girl in Boxing, fitness and training with high intensity.