Became aware of the condition of the twins, whose 15-year-old resident of Zaporozhye gave birth prematurely

Стало известно о состоянии двойняшек, которых 15-летняя жительница Запорожья родила раньше срока

One kid is feeling better, and the second is in critical condition.

As we reported earlier, 15-year-old resident of Zaporozhye region, which prematurely gave birth to twins, appealed to the head of the charity Fund Zlata Nekrasova.

“Today the boy was transported from the perinatal center regional children’s to his brother Sasha.

The state kids: Sasha’s stable and hard, Andrew has fared better.

Mom of kids with them, she was allowed in the hospital, allocated chamber, treat them good.

Medicine, we bought enough for 5 days. “- wrote on his page in Instagram the head of the charity Fund.

All good people who can help kids, please translate financial assistance map 5168742705726788 (Nekrasov Zlata).