Became aware, why the bed put lemons with salt

Стало известно, зачем возле кровати кладут лимон с солью

Lemons not without reason considered as a healing fruit. It is proved that they improve heart health, have a positive effect on the loss and maintaining weight as well as treat gastrointestinal disorders and eliminate digestive problems.

If the use of lemons in food to improve health is unacceptable to you due to their specific taste, you can just put them on the night on the bedside table. Cut them into quarters and sprinkle with salt. So they will have a positive impact on you and your health. Read on to find out what happens to the human body as a result of just one night of lemon in the bedroom.

1. Scaring pesky insects.

Lemons contain natural essential oils that are naturally effective insect repellents. Placing a few lemon slices on the bedside table will be sufficient to ward off flies and mosquitoes, giving you a restful night’s sleep that you need.

2. Improving respiratory health.

In lemons a lot of useful antioxidants, the effects of which improves the health of the respiratory tract. Inhalation of lemon fragrance during sleep cleanses clogged with mucus the nasal passages, letting you breathe easier and sleep better. You will Wake up rested and full of energy, and sinuses resulting from night exposure of this pleasant aroma will be absolutely clean.

3. The improvement of air quality.

You can keep the house spotlessly clean, but nothing freshens the air better than the fresh scent of lemon. He naturally struggles with the more unpleasant odors, including onions and even paint! As a result of improved air quality you’ll sleep better and Wake up surrounded by fresh, clean scent that spreads throughout the house.

4. Stress.

Lemons are the perfect tool for aromatherapy. Something in their smell evokes nostalgia and a desire to “clean” in all aspects of life. Use fresh lemon to get rid of stress, Intrusive thoughts and negative emotions.

5. A natural energy drink.

Many people hate to get up early. And this is connected not so much with laziness, but with the inability to quickly Wake up and start to function. If you want to Wake up as soon as possible, try placing a few slices of lemon next to my bed. Their aroma triggers the release of serotonin in the brain – chemicals that enable you to meet the day head-on.

6. The benefits to the heart.

Lemons have powerful antidepressant properties, they create a positive mood and balance emotions. This influence on the mind and body helps lower blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke and heart attack.

7. The increase in concentration.

Few people realize that the ability to concentrate at work day is the result of a good night’s sleep. The inhalation of the lemon fragrance makes it easier to relax, fall asleep faster and sleep without wakings, which contributes to the brain processing the events of the day. After a quality night’s sleep you will be able to better focus on their daily tasks.