Became known date of the beginning of sales of the updated Chery Tiggo 4

Стала известна дата начала продаж обновленного Chery Tiggo 4

Chinese company Chery is preparing to release to the market the updated crossover Tiggo 4.

It is expected that the sales model will start in China in July this year.

On Friday, June 19, authoritative edition Autohome share photos of the new machine was captured near one of the dealerships.

The updated car added to the length of 40 mm – now its dimensions are 4358х1830х1670 mm.

The product design has changed dramatically, especially the front part. The radiator grille is now made in the style of the new Tiggo 7 Pro. Also note the chrome elements around the fog lights and a slightly different bumper design.

The interior of the new Chery Tiggo 4 has changed more radically – now it is made in the spirit of the Tiggo-tech 7 Pro. The instrument panel received a virtual performance, and information and entertainment complex now dominates the front panel. Control unit climate was given a modern touch keys.

Special attention should be paid to the gloss plastic in the interior, the final image of the salon.

As the power plant used engine with 1.5 liter displacement. But his power is still a secret because of the protective cover.

Most likely we are talking about an atmospheric engine with a capacity of 116 HP or a turbo engine with 156 HP return to Work the motors are in tandem with 5MKPP or 6-band “robot”. The prices for a novelty will surely grow, but so far they keep secret.