Became known release date of the latest addition to Metro Exodus

Стала известна дата релиза последнего дополнения к Metro Exodus

With the premiere shooter “Metro: Exodus” it’s been almost a year but work on the game is not yet complete. Ahead was the last story DLC for post-apocalyptic adventure, and the date of its release for a long time remained a mystery. Suddenly, however, the authors finally published news on the topic – and quickly removed it. The Internet, fortunately, can remember.

Yesterday on the official Metro website prematurely published the announcement, which, apparently, was to be held next week, January 30. As it turned out, the “Sam’s Story”, the final addition to Metro Exodus, you get in the open access 11 February. The DLC will tell about the adventures of an American named Sam – the poor guy will have to find a way home, find his family, from the destruction of Vladivostok.

We will remind, the premiere of the third part of the “Metro” took place a year ago, February 15, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game bypassed Steam and became a temporary exclusive Epic Games Store, which created a loud controversy in the gaming community. The first story DLC, “Two colonels”, was released on 20 August – and the fate of the second long remained a secret.