Became known, some engines are the most reliable

Стало известно, какие двигатели самые надежные

Named the best modern powerplant for cars. About it reports “Your car”.

Among the range of powertrains brands Renault and Nissan are considered the most hardy K4M 1.6-liter 105 horsepower and F4R – 2 l 143 HP Motors have relatively simple construction. In the case of competent care and attention to the engine possible to overcome the mark of 500 000 km.

For models of the brand often used the engine G4FA with a volume of 1.4 l and capacity of 107 horsepower. They are able to travel about 300 000 km, if the owner time to carry out the oil change and rather cares about the car, it is possible to overcome and 500,000 km. The most popular models of cars with such engines are often used in taxi services.

Among the products of Chevrolet common B15D2 engine capacity of 1.5 liters and capacity of 106 “horses”. The online circuit this power unit is estimated at 200 000 km, and its timely replacement can work for much longer.

Car brand Volkswagen is getting tough BSE 1.6 MPI, which generates power of 102 “horses”. In the case of replacing the timing belt after overcoming the order of 120 000 km and control the condition of the oil, the engine can operate for up to half a million km.