Became known the exact cause of death the largest of the Baroque artist Caravaggio

Reformer of painting was wounded in the fight, after which became very sick and died a year later.

Стала известна точная причина смерти крупнейшего художника барокко Караваджо

The famous Italian artist Caravaggio is considered a genius of his era. He was not just a famous painter of the Baroque era, he was a reformer of European painting. The biggest genius of the artist Caravaggio was shown in everything. He never even made any sketches or thumbnails, and all their ideas are immediately implemented on the canvas.

However, in 1610 Caravaggio died at a young age under unknown circumstances in Tuscany. The exact cause of his death was shrouded in mystery, but it became known recently after a study by French scientists.

Experts from the Marseille Institute of infectious diseases in the Mediterranean region found that Caravaggio died of a disease which has caused Staphylococcus aureus. It is known that in 1609, the artist killed a man during a street fight, and then fled from Rome. A year later he died.

Стала известна точная причина смерти крупнейшего художника барокко Караваджо

Scientists from France have decided to contact the experts from Italy and microbiologist Giuseppe Cornelia. Italian institutions allowed the researchers to examine the teeth of Caravaggio, as well as the pulp of the teeth from the blood vessels.

To determine the cause of the death of Caravaggio, the researchers decided to combine the 3 methods of DNA-analysis and came to the conclusion that the death was caused due to Staphylococcus aureus. Died artist from sepsis, which was caused by the wound received in the fight.

To recent research it was believed that Caravaggio died of malaria or he was shot.

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