Became known, the pedophile of the Kherson region lured 7-year-old girl

Стало известно, чем педофил из Херсонщине заманил 7-летнюю девочку

We reported that the Archangel Vysokopolskoye district, Kherson region previously convicted raped a 7-year-old girl – the daughter of his friend.

About the crime to the police said the girl’s mother. Tracing 33-year-old pedophile on the alarm was raised by the entire personnel of the Department of police and public was blocked the exits from the village.

After 15 minutes, the police stopped a car with him behind the wheel – apparently, he tried to leave the village.

As reported by “Voice of Ukraine”, the day the girl’s parents went to vysokopole. The child had no one to leave, the man invited to sit with a girl friend (who once lived in his house.

Back in the day, parents found out from her daughter that “uncle” had invited her to go to the store for sweets. And in return, took him to the bushes on the Bank of the Ingulets and raped.