Became known the price of the outfits Elena Zelensky

Стала известна цена нарядов Елены Зеленской

Elena Zelensky Shine in overseas meetings bright clothes and users on the network has become known for their real value.

Wife of Vladimir Zelensky traditionally accompanied him during his visit to Canada, where they held several meetings. And if strict appearance of the head of state does not stand out, the outfits Elena Zelensky became the subject of active discussion in the network.

In Toronto, the first lady met with Jill Dunlop, Minister for women and children the government of Ontario and Robin Martin, parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of health of Ontario. For this event the first lady of Ukraine chose the way totally beige – wearing pants Ukrainian brand SIX. and the blouse from the Swedish brand ARKET.

In PR-service of the brand SIX. said:

“Yes, it’s our pants. And if the visit to Belgium, the pants were created specially for the first lady, this is the model – from the collection”.

Are wide light beige pants €351, or about 10 thousand UAH at the NBU rate on 05.07.2019 year. Composition: 50% viscose and 50% silk.

Under the beige bottom Elena Zelensky and picked up a beige top blouse with zipper from the Swedish brand ARKET, cost 59 pounds, or about 2 thousand hryvnia. The model is presented in six different colors, and a blouse, like the first lady, at the moment, cannot be ordered as none is available. After the appearance of it can be bought a bit cheaper, as it triggered the discount. Part – blouses 100% polyester.

It is noteworthy that the image makers are not enthusiastic about a completely beige image Elena Zelensky:

“In this way two nesochetaemoe textures and different undertone of the fabric. Perhaps in life there is no glitter on the blouse, but in the photo because it has meaning, which is not suitable for formal situation. Although the concept of total-look (integral image) – balance of attention between the parts of the image. Because of the different textures and its wrong meaning of the combination it looks like this pair of pants from one image, and blouse – all another story.”

In addition, the President’s wife is not forgotten in Canada and the embroidery. Vladimir with Elena honored the memory of victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 and laid spike composition to the famine Memorial in Toronto, examined mobile media exposure Holodomor Bus, which is part of a project Holodomor National Awareness Tour.

The event Elena wearing the tunic dress with cutwork from the Ukrainian brand Vita Kin, which is known both in Europe and Hollywood. Embroidered dresses and shirts Vita kin is very popular among celebrities and cost a lot of money. The price of the shirt in about 40 thousand UAH, dresses at 50-80 thousand UAH, and wait for the order will have about three weeks. Tunic dress with a belt as Elena Zelensky, cost $ 2671, or about 77 thousand hryvnias.