Became known the price of the updated Mazda3 with the SkyActiv engine-X

Стали известны цены на обновленный Mazda3 с мотором SkyActiv-X

Mazda has long been “teasing” us with his promising diesel engine family SkyActiv-X, and it seems the waiting time is over. Company officials report that the Mazda3 customers in Japan can order a similar car in the near future.

This fall will be offered a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine, which will be the most expensive for this model. This version of the Mazda3 is 25% more expensive, compared with the performance of this car, under the hood, which is the usual 2.0-liter engine of the family SkyActiv-G.

The Japanese version of the compact hatchback and sedan recently went on sale, and although the SkyActiv engine-X will soon be available for ordering, Mazda still keeps its specifications secret. Foreign publication Automotive News learned from the chief engineer Kota Beppu that the new engine will combine the best qualities of conventional gasoline engines SkyActiv-G and diesel families SkyActiv-D. Next, he called the new engine “top-end engine”, and we know that it was designed to work with a “mild hybrid” system to improve efficiency.

Speaking of which, it is expected that the SkyActiv-X will bring a significant improvement in fuel economy of up to 30% compared with the same SkyActiv-G, and the torque will increase by 10-20%. This is largely due to the fact that Mazda calls spark ignition engines with controlled ignition.

It is expected that the version of the engine that meets European standards, will produce 178 HP and 222 Nm of torque. Let’s not forget that the SkyActiv-X is the inline-four, equipped with a supercharger and an electrically controlled control valve timing in a high compression ratio of 16.0: 1.

Стали известны цены на обновленный Mazda3 с мотором SkyActiv-X

Стали известны цены на обновленный Mazda3 с мотором SkyActiv-X