Became known, when from Kherson will fly the low-cost airlines – 24 Channel

Стало відомо, коли з Херсона почнуть літати лоукостери - 24 Канал

From 2019 from Kherson will fly low-cost airlines, and foreign airlines can create its subsidiary in Ukraine with location in Kherson.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

He noted that the development of air travel from Kherson will allow Ukrainians from the occupied Crimea budget to fly all over Europe.

“We hope that next year from Kherson will fly low-cost airlines. We are working with a major European carrier on this issue, I hope to support the Ukrainian UIA, have interesting talks with the airline, which wants to establish its subsidiary company in Ukraine and wants to choose its base in Kherson. Something of these options is bound to work, and in the following year Kherson will have great prospects,” said Emelyan.

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