Became known, when in the region of the heat will be back

Стало известно, когда в регион жара вернется

After a few weeks of unbearable heat, in Melitopol yesterday was a powerful shower. Many residents of the city heaved a sigh of relief, because heavy rainfall has brought a slight decrease in temperature. The temperature dropped 10 degrees. According to the weather station “Melitopol” fell to 12, 5 mm of precipitation. The norm for the second decade of July – 13 mm. Also earlier weather forecasters predicted gusty winds and hail. Melitopol luckily heavy wind was bypassed, maximum wind gusts reached up to 9 m/sec.

In the weather station recorded, at 9.00 am on 13 July the temperature is 27.7 degrees, at 9: 00 the 14th of July is 17.3 degrees. In July 1952, the temperature dropped to 8, 4 degrees Celsius. Temperature records until July 2020 is not broken.

This weather is observed on the territory of the Zaporozhye region for several days, then the region will come again heat.