Became known, when will decrease the price of some medicines

Стало известно, когда снизится цена на ряд медикаментов

The Ministry of health will begin to regulate the price of drugs since July

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision according to which from 1 July 2019, the Ministry of health to set maximum prices for medicines. This will allow you to save more than 200 million UAH.

The process of price adjustment will apply to all drugs included in the national list, procured for goredema. This 427 active substances (INN) to treat the most common diseases. The prices for these drugs must not be higher than prices in the five neighboring (reference) countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Latvia.

Price limits would also apply to those drugs for which the sales amount for the year exceeds UAH 5 million. According to preliminary calculations, the introduction of price regulation will lower the price more than 100 items of medicines. This will save about 214 mln. For these funds the medical facilities will be able to purchase additional quantities of drugs for the free treatment of patients in the hospital.

In addition, all drugs from the National list will impose a regressive surcharge for pharmacies. The more expensive the cost of the drug, the less the premium will be able to install a pharmacy. This will allow to get rid negative effects when pharmacy workers intentionally convince you to purchase expensive drugs among peers. This is the website of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration

  • If the cost of the drug up to 100 UAH – the maximum trade allowance may be 25%;
  • at a cost of from 100 to 500 UAH. – 20%;
  • from 500 to 1000 UAH – 15%.
  • the drug costing more than UAH 1,000. maximum trade allowance may not exceed 10%.