Became known, who will judge the match Ukraine – Czech Republic – 24 Channel

Стало відомо, хто судитиме матч Україна – Чехія - 24 Канал

Duel of the League of Nations qualifier between Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which will take place on 16 October in Kharkiv at the Metalist stadium, trusted to judge the team of arbitrators from Lithuania.

The main referee will be 40-the summer inhabitant of Kaunas Gediminas Mazheyka, told the football Federation of Ukraine.

On the lines he will be assisted by SMMEs and Vans Vytautas Kazlauskas. Additional referee – Donatos Rumsas and Robertas Walkons. Fourth official – Dowds Sugges. Referee observer – Fritz Stuchlik (Austria). UEFA delegate – Marcus Stenger (Germany).

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