Became known, who will win the mayoral election in Kiev

Стало известно, кто победит на выборах мэра Киева

To guess who will win in the elections of Kyiv mayor is completely useless, as the Ukrainians vote at all against any logic. This opinion was expressed by the journalist Viktor Dyachenko in his article, the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA.

According to the journalist, if we approach these elections only from the perspective of policy – which is not there at all, it is only used as tinsel. And even as you do not pay attention, because the Ukrainian voter is not guided by common sense, and not even the voice of the stomach, and bloody hell what criteria! It seems that Ukrainians vote in General against any logic.

The author notes that today a lot of analysts puzzled shrug: despite the rapid failure of Vladimir Zelensky as a politician, his approval rating remains very high – more than 37%! Its predecessors, disappointing their constituents, fell to 4-6%, and then long tried all sorts of tricks to climb at least to 15%, but there is just an anomaly!

But, seeking some unknown “phenomenon Zelensky”, they in an emphasis do not see the same “phenomenon Klitschko,” clearly notices the journalist.

According to Viktor Dyachenko, the mayor of Kiev rating is also kept at around 40%. And in a city in which for that year falls under the ground of the Central street and down the bridges where the work of public services is a continuous theft and fraud! Which, by the way, much chastened team Zelensky, which has no equivalent candidates.

Victor Dyachenko believes that the problem is not with the candidates, and voters – prefer sports stars and show business. According to the interlocutor of the edition, the residents of Ukrainian cities appreciate the work of their mayors not on the condition of the streets, and the transparency of expenditures of the city Treasury, and charisma.

The author focuses on the fact that the rating of famous Ukrainian mayors is not based on specific results, and the loud emotions and vivid pictures. He is the product of collective work of entire teams of professional image-makers, journalists, and Internet bots, which are… the real masters of these cities, or rather, a real mafia, which is closely linked UMVD, USBU, with customs points, the government, the NAB and the Prosecutor General.

Victor Dyachenko believes that the Mafia controls a long time Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Sumy, Chernigov, Zaporozhye, etc.

According to the journalist, everywhere, in addition to the official local authorities, cities run by a “shadow Council” from among the leaders of the local clans, the “leaders” and corrupt officials. Moreover, many of them have the identity of the legitimate deputies of the city Council – through which they share the land and “saw” city budgets.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the mayor of Kiev will be the one who will satisfy this clan that will continue to make your bet. And today this man, anyway, is Klitschko, and the mafia will make every effort to retain its rating, showing incredible ingenuity.

Vladimir Zelensky
The government