Because of insulin in Bekirova heart pain, pressure and elevated sugar levels.

Из-за инсулина у Бекирова боли в сердце, давление и повышенный уровень сахара, - адвокат

Crimean Tatar activist Eden Bekirova, which occupied the Crimea, the investigative Russian accused of illegal possession of ammunition and explosives, does not help prescribed after physical examination the insulin. It is reported “Crimea.Realities”.

“Today I visited Eden Bekirova in jail. He constantly complains about his health. He has high blood pressure and sugar levels. This is despite the fact that he three times a day an injection of insulin. Before, when he was taking tablet medication from sugar, they helped him – the sugar level was within normal limits,” – said the lawyer islyam Valyaev.

In addition, due to the fact that he was injected with insulin, he had heart pain and shortness of breath. Insulin is known to put a strain on the heart.

There was reasonable doubt about the appropriateness of assigned Bakirovu insulin.

“I will explain how the insulin: he goes to the door and through a “feeder” (a small hole in the door through which the inmates provide food – ed.) him to inject insulin”, – said Veliyev.

The lawyer said that will write all sorts of complaints and petitions of the investigator and the management of the prison that Bekirova as soon as possible was taken to hospital for examination.

Bekirova Russian security forces detained at the entrance to the Crimea on 12 February 2018, after which it is brought into the building of the FSB in annexed Simferopol. He was accused of “illegal acquisition, possession and carrying of ammunition and explosives”.

Shortly after the arrest of relatives Bekirova informed about the threat to his life. It is known that he is an invalid of the first group, have diabetes. His leg was amputated, which required constant dressing. Also Bekirova had surgery on the heart.

Из-за инсулина у Бекирова боли в сердце, давление и повышенный уровень сахара, - адвокат