Because of the coronavirus Montenegro revenues from tourism will decrease by 40%

Из-за коронавируса доходы Черногории от туризма сократятся на 40%

The Minister of tourism of Montenegro Damir Davidovich said that, based on current estimates, the country’s income from tourism will be reduced at least by 40%, reports Tanjug.

However, Davidovich believes that “quality measures for combating coronavirus undertaken by the Montenegrin authorities, over time, will give a powerful impetus to the growth indicators, and the situation will recover”.

The first tourists already began to arrive on the Montenegrin coast, but their number is significantly less than the average than is typical for this time of year. Citizens of many European States refuse to visit Montenegro, contrary to the exclusive permission to enter from Podgorica, trying to save the season at the expense of foreigners.

“No tourists. Anywhere no one. Beach bars are not open. The part of contracts not renewed. The border with Serbia is not yet open, and we in Montenegro is still as sensible. Refused to come and the poles, the Slovaks, the Czechs,” – described the situation in an interview with “Evening news” Milan Babović, lessee beach Chan, located near the resort of Sutomore.