Because of the diabetes! The Ministry of health has called the most dangerous kind of cancer for the Russians

Из-за диабета! Минздрав назвал самый опасный вид рака для россиян

Lovers of fast food and carbonated drinks are the first at risk.

Recently, the Ministry of health conducted an analysis of data regarding the health of the citizens and have called the most dangerous kind of cancer for the Russians. According to statistics, 39.9% of deaths in consequence of cancer of the pancreas. Some doctors believe that this high rate is a consequence of diabetes, which in turn suffers from 9.6 million people in the country.

As you know, patients with diabetes there is an insufficient synthesis of insulin, which causes elevated levels of sugar in the blood that disrupts the whole organism. The relationship of diabetes and pancreatic cancer proved 100%, as production of insulin occurs in this organ.

In addition to diabetes, doctors distinguish several causes of the disease. First is improper nutrition, which fans of fast food, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, sweets, and canned foods, are at risk. Secondly is Smoking and genetic predisposition. Smoke contains many carcinogens that lead to tumor formation.

In second place for number of deaths the Ministry of health has recorded cancer of liver and intrahepatic ducts – 38,4%. In third place is cancer of the esophagus is 29.9 per cent. Malignant tumors in the bronchi, trachea and lungs left not far – 21,9%, and cancer of the pharynx ranks fifth from 17.3%. In turn, cancer of the thyroid and mammary gland, skin and uterus, got the lowest rates, from 0.4% to 3%.