Because of the inaction environmentalists Ukraine Hungary wrote a letter Zelensky

Из-за бездействия экологов Украины Венгрия написала письмо Зеленскому

President of Hungary Janos Ader called his counterpart, President Vladimir Zelensky solve the problem of pollution of the Tisza.

As noted by the head of the neighboring state in his letter to Zelensky, the water of the Tisza in Hungary are the huge amounts of debris, which the Hungarian authorities unable to cope. Reports about it “European truth”.

“Sad that the pollution of the Tisza waste has not been reduced and it has a long-term threat to the fragile ecosystem of the river… Our cars are no longer able to cope with the piles of trash that come in a huge number,” wrote the President of Hungary, calling the situation “not worthy of European standards”.

As published on the website of the President of Hungary letters, the root cause of pollution of rivers in the neighboring state seeing that Ukraine’s population drops into water their waste. And after the flood in Transcarpathia, the volume of debris in the river Tisza, which at the water fall on the territory of Hungary, in particular, plastic bottles and other waste disposal has increased significantly. Now trash, according to the letter, prevents the fishing, tourism and has a negative impact on wildlife. So Janos Ader urged Zelensky to do everything possible to solve the problem and stop the pollution.

“The Hungarians are caught annually in tisá a large number of plastic bottles that sailed from Ukraine. According to European law they can’t ignore them further into the Danube. For this, every year Ukraine receives a check from Hungary. It’s a shame!” – said in may 2020, the head of practice “Water” of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) Olga Denisik.

And while environmentalists worldwide are concerned about the garbage problem in Transcarpathia, which with the waters of the Tisza “migrate” to Europe, domestic environmental activists ignore the issue. Many political analysts and journalists such indifference of a significant part of the environmental activists explain the fact that in Ukraine, this activity has evolved into a profession. And most of those who position themselves as “environmental activists” can just execute political or business orders.

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